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  • "before i bought it, i thought the quality would be average since the price point is low, but man, the quality is INSANELY GOOD for the price point. no longer spending money abroad on loungewear!"

  • "i got my parcel, the sleepwear is so comfortable & the fabric is unbelievably soft. so happy that this is made in pakistan."

  • "the men's set was my actual uniform all of winter. can't wait until you launch more men's stuff. i am officially a chyll hoarder."

  • "i get my loungewear from a designer brand for the fit & quality- but this gives me that level for a fraction of the price. so so so unbelievably impressed."

  • "the tshirts are so soft & breeathable, couldn't do karachi summer without them"

  • "my commitment to all other clothes is at an all-time-low. buttons? bye-bye. it's all about being comfy in chyll."

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why choose chyll?

we're locally made & friendly to the planet

  • support local

    all our products are locally manufactured across pakistan

  • sustainably sourced, recycled materials

    all our cotton is sustainably sourced, as part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) & we use only recycled polyester, reducing carbon emissions & landfill waste

  • women led startup

    run by two moms who want to reduce gender disparity & make international trends locally accessible